Based on over 15 years of experience in customer service training, our call center phone training programs provide world-class service skills and phone skills, including:

  • Four steps to build rapport and connect with every customer
  • How to project warmth through tone of voice and key words
  • Two words that immediately show responsiveness
  • Four tones of voice to control the tone and mood of the call
  • Two words that gain customer acceptance
  • Three techniques to build business with phone customers

  • Your call professionals learn the phone skills and call management skills that create positive customer experiences:

Your call professionals learn Customer Focus’s proprietary customer-relationship model called Customer Experience Ownership (CEO). With CEO, your employees:

    • Take responsibility for each customer’s experience
    • Demonstrate and responsiveness to customer requests
    • Be accountable for resolving all customer requests
    • Reduce escalations and call-backs through CEO
    • Provide GEMs™ that Go the Extra Mile

Service Professionals adapt their service and phone skills to fit their style and personality

  • Four steps that turn upset customers into delighted customers
  • Resolve tough requests by uncovering the needs behind them
  • Demonstrate authentic empathy and concern for customers
  • Two words that let you say “no” without saying “no”
  • Service recovery techniques that keep customers loyal.