Customer Focus’s training for call centers uses a combination of learning methods and performance improvement methods to produce results that last.

Our call center training course provides comprehensive training materials and manuals including:

  • Call center training workshop delivered in one full-day, two half-day, or six 70-minute sessions
  • Four-hour self-instructional modules (email, paper, or web-based)
  • Personal service scripts that participants write and practice before, during, and after the workshop
  • On-the-job service standards, checklists, and tools
  • Manager coaching and reinforcement tools and materials
  • Comprehensive call monitoring and feedback forms
  • Optional GEMs Employee Reward Program

  • Plus our call center phone skills training includes an e-mail module with:

Our training for call centers includes comprehensive manager support tools and procedures to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing results.

The call center management support tools include:

    • Call center metrics and standards to evaluate call quality
    • Three call monitoring forms for call monitoring
    • The 32 phone rules for consistent quality call standards
    • Guidelines for pre- and post-workshop team meetings
    • Observation and coaching guidelines and feedback tools
    • Manager-led team meetings for advanced skill application

With our Service Sells! telephone sales skills training program for service, your phone service professionals:

  • Overcome any reluctance to sell
  • Bridge from helping to selling in a customer-friendly way
  • Conduct productive up-selling and cross-selling discussions
  • Win commitments that contribute to revenue
  • Uphold solid relationships and rescue shaky ones