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Based on over 15 years of experience in customer service training, our call center phone training programs provide world-class service skills and phone skills, including:

Our call center phone skills training offers flexible customer service training solutions that fit the demands of fast-paced call centers, help desks, and phone sales centers. Whatever your needs, we help you develop your call agents and phone professionals with call center training programs that provide:

  • Effective call center service skills, phone skills, and voice techniques
  • World-class call center standards that are reinforced by managers
  • World-class call center standards that are reinforced by managers
  • World-class call center standards that are reinforced by managers
  • Authentic personal scripts that your agents write, adapt, and practice
  • Comprehensive call center training tools, techniques, and metrics that maximize productivity, service quality, and sales

Today’s customers demand authenticity and professionalism. Scripts and standard responses aren’t enough to reinforce your brand, build customer loyalty, or make sales. Most call center workshops and training seminars are outdated and lead to poor customer loyalty and to high employee turnover.

Customer Focus’s unique Authentic Learning™ approach to customer service training enables your call professionals to maintain rapport by saying the right thing in an authentic manner. Here are the results:

Service Professionals adapt their service and phone skills to fit their style and personality

  • They quickly connect, and build rapport and trust with your customers through authentic conversations
  • Service Professionals enjoy their conversations and their jobs, resulting in lower employee turnover
  • The coaching tools included with the programs help your call center professionals to continuously improve the quality of the customer interactions.